The Friday before Memorial Day, Sinclair Broadcast Group hosted a BBQ on its back patio for all corporate employees. As Compulse employees, we’re also Sinclair employees (full story here) so we got to join in the fun. These were some of the highlights:

  1. The Food
    Not to downplay the power of teambuilding, but the food was awesome! Beefalo Bob’s served up beef, pork and chicken barbecue as well as delicious sides like macaroni and cheese, coleslaw, garden salad, fresh fruit and corn on the cob. The blog team was sure to sample plenty of everything for uh…journalistic purposes.
  1. Mingling with the execs
    At company events, the leadership team makes it a point to spread out and chat with employees from across the company. It’s really nice to put faces to names and talk about company news, the crazy weather (it was very windy) and the zip line* they’re planning to install to connect the main Sinclair office with the Compulse office.*We think there’s a chance that the head of HR was joking about the zip line, but hope with all of our hearts that he wasn’t.
  1. Getting the scoop
    It’s always interesting to hear about new acquisitions, developments and initiatives rolling out to support our recently launched company mission and vision.

Most of us concern ourselves with small details in our daily work, but understanding how they fit into the bigger picture and support larger goals is satisfying and galvanizing. Almost as satisfying as a delicious plate of barbecue from Beefalo Bob’s, in fact.

Want to join the party? Click here to view job openings at Compulse.