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Location-Based Mobile Advertising /loʊˈkeɪʃən-beɪst ˈmoʊbəl ˈædvərˌtaɪzɪŋ/

An integration of mobile advertising with location-based services, used to pinpoint a consumer location and provide a location-specific advertisement on their mobile device. Also known as LBA.
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  • Why Your Business should be Advertising on YouTube If your company has dipped its toe into the digital marketing arena, then you are certainly familiar with Google’s advertising platform. It’s a robust system that allows advertisers to utilize an ever-growing list ...
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Google Premier Partner Events

Compulse is offering a series of events featuring Google speakers that highlight best practices in digital marketing. These events are free, they’re fun, and they’re guaranteed to change the way you approach online opportunities.

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Native Advertising

Build brand awareness, educate customers and demonstrate market leadership with sponsored content.
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  • Digital Marketing Specialist   Compulse Integrated Marketing, the creative agency arm of Sinclair Broadcast Group, is looking for a Digital Marketing Specialist to manage in-house services and products including Paid Search, Youtube and Paid ...
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