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Landing Page /ˈlændɪŋ peɪʤ/

A stand-alone Web page, usually with one specific purpose, that a user "lands" on, commonly after following a paid search engine listing or link in an e-mail.
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  • 5 Ways to Spook the Competition It was a dark and stormy shopping season, and your marketing campaigns were killing it! If you need help giving your customers a marketing treat, keep reading… We’ve compiled another- yes ...
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Google Premier Partner Events

Compulse is offering a series of events featuring Google speakers that highlight best practices in digital marketing. These events are free, they’re fun and they’re guaranteed to change the way you approach online opportunities.

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Creative Services

Our team of designers at Sinclair Digital Solutions will listen to you, visualize your needs and then create an effective design that will get you noticed!
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  • Technical Web Lead Compulse Integrated Marketing, the creative agency arm of Sinclair Broadcast Group, is looking for a skilled and highly motivated web developer to join our team and take the lead on ...
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