As most all of our readers and customers now know, we recently switched our company name from “Sinclair Digital Solutions” to “Compulse Integrated Marketing!” It’s an extremely exciting time for us here in Baltimore, but for an outsider the change may seem a bit confusing. After all, we’re still a part of Sinclair’s network, so why make the switch?

In short, we’re branching out.

Over the past two years, we’re proud to say that our client base has increased nearly 4,000 percent. With that, we’ve been able to expand upon what we can offer our customers. In December of 2014, we were merely a few designers servicing small markets from the television industry. Now, we’re a full-service digital marketing agency with a continuously growing staff. The team we’ve worked so hard to establish can now offer our clients a wide-range of marketing services, including web designs, SEO, SEM, mobile marketing campaigns, social media advertising and email marketing.

While we’ve recently started taking on larger projects with well-known businesses throughout the country, like Comet TV and Staples, the core of our business will always be serving the smaller and medium-sized businesses of this world. Helping these companies build brand awareness and establish customer loyalty is our main objective here at Compulse.

Our growth has not changed our mission. Instead, it has given us the ability to offer a wide range of digital services to markets outside of the Sinclair Broadcast Group’s domain. With a standalone identity, we can now offer our expertise to a plethora of regions we’ve never been able to reach before.

Again, it’s an extremely exciting time for us all at Compulse and we’re more than happy to be able to share that excitement with you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any inquires, and be sure to consider Compulse for all your digital needs!