When developing new content for your website (or any online platform), knowing your specific consumer base is essential. Not only will your customers dictate the products and services you sell, but understanding the numbers will allow you to better formulate content that will resonate with them.

Target Audience and Search

Whether your diving into details related to demographics, populations, or your competition, understanding who may be researching your company is what will drive a site’s copy. Before you can even think to start writing, you need to ask yourself two questions:

  • How will this copy prompt readers to either research more about my company (or click “buy”)?
  • How will this copy rank on Google’s platform?

Unfortunately, these two questions often conflict with one another. Medical doctors, for example, need to include specific keywords related to diseases and procedures that come off as jargon to the general population. Finding the balance between what Google will rank them for and what their readers will understand is a delicate dilemma few have mastered – and these “masters” are the ones who rank highly for SEO. Facing this challenge starts with understanding exactly who your customers and potential customers are.

Why Defining Your Target Audience Matters

Your target audience is personalized for you; no other company will be targeting the exact same group of people you are across the board. Your competitors may target groups similar to yours, but your job is to find what kinds of unique words, phrases, and content can work from an SEO-perspective while also informing about your business. This is where platforms such as SpyFu and Google Analytics can help. The experts at Compulse Integrated Marketing are also well-versed in this business and would be happy to assist.

Still, that doesn’t really explain why the target audience is so important. Yes, the content you target is as important as any marketing endeavor, but you won’t know how to do that without establishing an audience, and this audience will differ based on where you live and what your goals are. For example, the content on a farmer’s website will differ greatly from that of a stock broker’s, and while it isn’t always that simple, it is easy enough to decide what keywords you should be fighting for once you know who will be reading your content and what style/tone it should be written in.

Defining your target audience should be easy – at least in theory, but nailing down the specifics can be quite challenging. Let the experts at Compulse Integrated Marketing work with you when it comes time to tackle these tasks. Call us today at 844-821-2154.