‘Twas The Week Before Christmas

‘Twas the week before Christmas, and all through Compulse,
Celebrations were starting, and not on impulse;
The cubicles decked in the finest affair,
With stockings and wrappings, no tree was left bare.

The snowflakes all dangled atop of Pod one,
Watching the setup was hilarious fun;
The tile above Frankie just wouldn’t go back,
But with four trees the pod showed no signs of slack.

Pod two wrapped a North Pole, all shiny and red
With snowmen and cookies lying in a snow bed,
Shafawn wrapped their desks like holiday gifts,
Despite two of her pod mates throwing small fits.

Pod three acted Grinchy, just hanging some lights,
Some sparkly, some twinkly, and some spikes of ice,
The pole in their place was wrapped like peppermints,
On second thought, they were quite elegant.

Pod four did erupt with lights, snow, and trees,
The topper was Ian Brook’s face as a tease,
Antonio’s train set adorned his own desk,
And Tim’s Christmas joy made us feel child-esque,

The creative island did too add a tree,
Adorned by a Santa hat topper with glee,
The lobby did crackle with a painted fireplace,
The Compulse team had naught but a smile on our face.

With deadlines approaching, we all formed a band
So that all could go home to the Christmas at hand,
Creative thoughts stirred, things got rather raucous,
Employees worked hard to get out of the office.

Then out in the hallways arose such a clatter
Designers and devs all exploded in chatter.
What was the sound that disturbed their hard work?
What the distraction that dared here to lurk?

It was the holiday spirit – that jolly old thing
That makes reindeer fly and makes carolers sing,
All kindness and peace and a big dose of cheer –
That was the thing that threw work out of gear!

Said the team at Compulse, “Our work we will do,
But the holiday spirit can come hang out too!”
Pod one knocked out e-mails, pod two designed sites,
Pods three and four did contests – our windows were tight!

With the fires finally doused, and our deadlines all met,
The nog was then sipped, the cookies still et.
Twas a Christmas miracle, what a wonderful sight,
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Happy holidays to you and yours from the team at Compulse Integrated Marketing!
We swear your card got lost in the mail…