Connect with Your Customers on the Go

On average, there are 1.4 billion smartphones on earth, and we never leave home without them. Don’t you want full access to your customers all the time? Put your brand in their hand with a mobile marketing campaign. The Compulse Integrated Marketing team can use mobile marketing to help you engage with customers, build loyalty and drive sales.

SMS Contesting

A great way to build your SMS customer database is with an incentive. Compulse Integrated Marketing has several types of text message based contests that will allow customers the ability to have fun and win a prize, in turn increase the size of your loyalty club database. Some examples of the contests we can accomplish with SMS are simple enter to win, instant win games, trivia based contests and we even have a mobile game that resembles a scratch off ticket.

SMS Marketing

Text messaging is one of the most powerful ways to speak directly to your audience. SMS (Short Message Service) Marketing has a read rate of over 95%, with 90% of all messages read within 3 minutes of delivery, and a response rate that can be higher than 20%. We can help you connect with this powerful medium by creating a text message based marketing plan. Loyalty clubs are an effective way to reach a consistent audience on a weekly basis. Or we could create a SMS based lead generation service that instantly lets you know when a customer wants to know more information about your business and wants to be contacted by you directly!

How would you like to be able to manage your audience while they’re surfing the web? By using retargeting advertising, you can reach people who have already visited your website but didn’t make a purchase and are now looking at different websites.


  • Direction on how to adhere to mobile compliance (required to use these services)
  • Use of shared short code
  • Creation of mobile keyword