Message Effectively, Promote and Drive Loyalty

Email is still one of the most effective ways to attract new leads, reach new and existing consumers, increase brand awareness and promote products and services. Your email marketing efforts need to be properly targeted, well designed and effectively positioned. Powered by the experts at Compulse Integrated Marketing, our services are tailored to help your business thrive in email marketing and reach your targeted audience. Our results aren’t just creative. They’re measurable, with in-depth analytics reporting that helps you interpret and realize return on investment.

Our services include:

Effective, custom targeting to reach your optimum core customers that will have a positive impact on your business. Database building to create a list of those people that best fit your core customers based on behavioral and demographic customization. A custom call-to-action (or value proposition), and an option for your audience to opt-in for future email promotions, your company can build a key group of loyal, receptive consumers. Customer acquisition since our campaigns average rates of 10-15% and are optimized for desktop and mobile devices. Couple that with custom retargeting emails just to your audience members that opened and read an email promotion. This means that your follow-up efforts go to the right people.

Email Marketing

  • 25,000 or 50,000 email audience
  • Target your core customers based on geography, demographics, socio-economics, interests, behaviors and more
  • Tailor your email with a powerful call to action, increasing sales for your business
  • Graphic design services available
  • Newsletter designed and optimized for mobile and desktop
  • Send follow up emails with special offers to those who opened your initial email
  • In-depth analytics and reporting included

Newsletter Creation and Management

Building Your Database:

  • Creation of web form for you to place on your website to begin building your own subscriber list
  • Placement of web form on our TV station website w/ROS banners linking to the web page (no guaranteed impressions)
  • We provide you the list of subscribers

Newsletter Creation and Blasting:

  • Graphic design, newsletter creation (content supplied by client), weekly blast
  • Graphic design, newsletter creation (content supplied by client), monthly blast