Why Do We Love Working At Compulse?

We could just type up the intro to the HR packet, but we think it’s better to let our employees speak for themselves. When asked why they love working at Compulse, here’s what they said they appreciated:

The Environment

“Getting to work with a creative and growing company”

“The collaborative and driven environment”

“Everyone feels at home here”

“Surrounded by talent.  So many people here are experts at their craft and are at the top of their field. I learn something new from them every day.”

“There are always opportunities to learn and grow, both as a team and as an individual. Digital is always evolving, technologically and through the user experience. It is exciting because everyone brings their own creativity and valuable feedback to the table.”

Listening to headphones, drinking free coffee and wearing jeans on Fridays are all nice perks”

The People

“A caring and supportive team”

“I <3 my coworkers, my boss, and the stations I support”

“I am surrounded by knowledgeable and personable people. Every day I learn something new”

“Everyone is collaborative, passionate, helpful, and kind.  You spend so much time at work – it’s important to be surrounded by good eggs.”

“The people I work with are helpful and friendly and fun to be around.”

“I love the people on my team. We all say that if we’re having a bad day, the best cure is going into the office.”

The Management

“Everyone’s contributions are valued”

“What I enjoy most is the creative freedom I have. Web developers are not micromanaged here.”

“Management that supports my pursuit for personal challenge and growth”

“My boss empowers me to make decisions and trusts my judgement”

“My managers are always willing to ‘go to bat’ to help me get the support and resources I need”

“Management is very flexible and understanding. They don’t micromanage. As long as the work is getting done they allow us to be self-sufficient in our positions.”

The Perks

We get it: the warm and fuzzy stuff is nice but the nitty gritty is important too. Compulse employees enjoy:

  • Full benefits (health insurance, vision, dental, life insurance, disability insurance, 401k)
  • Ample paid time off (vacation + sick time + personal hours = 3 weeks off / year)
  • Free bagels every Friday morning
  • A snack cabinet that’s always stocked
  • Free parking
  • A stock purchase plan
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • A gorgeous new office with standing desks and lots of cozy chairs to lounge around in

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