Many might think that this unprecedented time means less growth and more rebuilding. However, there are ways to use this as a time to come back stronger than ever. 

Growing Your Brand

A simple way to start growing your brand and reaching more people is through social media platforms. Creating platforms where your customers can follow you and have easy access to your information can be beneficial. According to sproutsocial, 91 percent of consumers believe that social media can connect people, and 78 percent want brands to use social media.

Another great way to grow your brand is to spruce up your branding. This can be something as simple as creating a new logo to use on your website or social media platforms or finding new ways to advertise your business. Anything that puts your brand out to the public is a simple way to grow your brand and make others aware of your products or services. 

Giving Your Site a Makeover

This could also be a great time to refresh your website. Updating content and pictures can turn an old site into one that people would actually want to view. This doesn’t have to be a complete makeover or drastic change, but it can make a site come back to life. Work with your team and brainstorm new ways to display your content on your site and change it in small ways at first. Updating the home page image to something inviting is a sure way to attract more users to your site. 

Another great way is by adding a way to interact with your users. Contact forms and automated email or texting systems are simple ways to have a connection with your users. Contact forms can be added to a site and allow the user to ask questions about your products or set up times to have a service completed. Texting systems are a great way to send out information about updates, sales, or confirming appointments. 

Staying Positive

This has been a difficult time for everyone. Businesses small and large have been faced with many challenges and could face more as states start to reopen. However, keeping a positive outlook and welcoming customers and users back with a positive attitude and mindset is important. Showing your community that you are open and ready to serve is what everyone needs and can be the right amount of normalcy that people are looking for right now. It may not seem like it, but a little joy can go a long way.

Whatever your current situation is, it’s time to make the most out of it. Using this time to grow, even in small ways, will strengthen your business and allow you to come back stronger than before if you just keep an open and positive mindset.

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