What’s the recipe for being successful on Facebook?  Let us start with the “ingredients” that will get your fans commenting, sharing and liking your posts.

Recently, I had the pleasure of asking one of our social media experts, Dave Trausneck about proven strategies and solutions that will make your business stand out in the crowd.

Have a Mixture of Post Types.

It’s important to have a variety of post types ranging from Facebook live to photos posts to video posts.  Each type of posts has its own advantage:

  • Live – Facebook Live is the ultimate way to get to know your fans in real time and a great way to get instant feedback.  According to Dave, “This is the post type that Facebook is really pushing right now to brands, and pushing higher into a person’s News Feed. It’s basically a live-stream. Does your business have a new product, or something really cool going on? Use this post type to talk about it with your fans.”
  • Video – Use this type of post in order to share your brand’s story or to share event coverage or to create a fun content with an animated gif. Dave mentioned, “Your short-form video content (ideally 30 seconds) can perform very well on Facebook. The key here is to give people something visually cool to look at and engage from the get-go. Roughly 75% of all video views on Facebook are on a mobile device. The video will play automatically, without sound, so take that into account. Keep it fun and keep it visual.”
  • Photo – This post is a visual way to showcase your brand. You want your photos or graphics to appealing to your fans and inspire your fans to engage with them. Also, you can create a photo gallery as a storyboard for important events or to showcase your products.
  • Link –Of course, it’s important to bring traffic to your website through your social media channels.  Promote your new product/service through posting a link directly to your site. When formatting your post if you notice that a picture isn’t showing up or a picture looks disfigured, you should upload a high quality photo.

Post Copy is Vital

  • Ask Questions –Dave points out that “posts that include a prompt for conversation or a question receive 70% above average engagement. Write your posts in a conversation tone in order to get your audience to reply to your post.”Instead of posting a photo, video or a link to your website without any text, you want to add a quick teaser such as asking an  open-ended question.
  • Length –Another great tip from Dave,“Since most people use Facebook through a smartphone, your post copy should be short and sweet. Ideally 80 characters total. Per Facebook, posts around this length receive 66% engagement. The reason why, is because it makes the content (video, photo, link, live, etc.) the driver of that action.”

Facebook Advertising

“Many businesses want to gush about themselves, or just drive people to buy a particular product or service. Unfortunately, your business no longer has a Zuckerberg-given right to reach your entire audience for free,” said Dave.

What’s your solution to getting your promotion posts to the masses?  Learning more about Facebook advertising and its benefits.  If your business wants to showcase an event, to get your fans to your website or to get your fans aware of your brand’s message/story, Facebook advertising has many options that will fit your goals in a cost-effective way.

Use Page Insights to Measure What Is Working and Not Working.

You never know how your fans are reacting to your post unless you look at your Page Insights.  But, what should you look at in terms of engagement performance for a post?

Take a look at KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). A metric used to evaluate the success of your post. On each individual post, you want to look at the following:

Key KPIs

  • Reach
  • Comments
  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Post Clicks
  • Video Views (only for video posts)

The experts at Compulse Integrated Marketing are ready to help your business grow on Facebook.  Contact us today to get started!