6 Super Fresh Ideas for Marketing for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming, make ready the sales and dinner deals, get the staff ready for the crowds. Maybe this is what companies are thinking, but consumers are thinking What do I get for the man who has everything?  There are no last-minute flowers or manicures for him, so put yourself in the shoes of the customer and think about how you can offer them quality, satisfying gifts.

  1. Make a guide
    A great place to start is to comb through your products or services and create a gift guide.
  2. Create something tangible
    Remember that people like to be able to hand something over on the big day. If your main offering is service-based, like drag racing lessons, think about having a free gift with purchase or a cool certificate that physically represents the gift.
  3. Help younger kids shop
    Think about the ways you could go that extra step in the weeks leading up to Father’s Day by doing something like creating a kids’ shopping area where children can come in and browse age-appropriate gift options for dad. Not only does this give kids a chance to pick out their own special present, but it brings in dad’s spouse who may be looking for a coordinating (and pricier) gift.
  4. Appeal to dad directly
    Hey, why not extend the thanks and kudos to dads yourself? Hand out cards, small gifts, or invites on deals and events to the dads in your stores. If you have the space, think about putting on a special event to honor the fathers in your consumer base. Make it a kid-friendly event to bring a wide variety of customers into your doors. If you collect attendee information, you can even grow your list of contacts for the next time you send out an email or advertise a special promotion.
  5. Get digital with SEO
    Keep in mind that in-store advertising is great, but ignoring digital opportunities is a big mistake. These days people often begin their holiday shopping online. Whether they plan to buy online or just get ideas for what to find in the stores, search engines are one of the first stops shoppers make.Focus on your SEO plan well in advance of the upcoming season by plotting out verbiage and tags on your website – “Father’s Day”, “gifts for dad”, etc. Use both generic and specific tags for to bring in more traffic. Whereas one person may search “golf lessons”, another may search “what is a good gift for Father’s Day?” You want to cater to both search approaches so you can reel them in with your dazzling wit and great sales. You can also engage in search engine marketing to augment your organic results.
  6. Get social
    Social media platforms are great places to turn for increased awareness as well as likes and shares. Sharing videos, viral memes, sweet images and catchy tunes related to Father’s Day can help draw attention to your page and brand, which in turn can generate sales for a very low cost. If you’re not sure where to start, digital marketing experts like the ones at Compulse can help you create the best plan for your business.

Remember that not all dads come from the same cookie cutters, so not all your ads should be focused on one type of man. Some hunt and fish, some work on cars, others enjoy quiet nights with a good meal and a book. Figure out how to appeal to all these types of fathers to bring your name into as many homes as possible.

Ready to get started? The team at Compulse is ready to help you with all parts of your digital advertising footprint, from SEO to SEM to social campaigns and more. Let’s talk about how we can help you reach your goals.