Even though the unofficial holiday known as “Employee Appreciation Day” is March 1st, you don’t need a designated day to show how much you value the dedication and efforts of your employees. Taking a moment to honor your coworkers can have a positive impact on the work environment and the stress levels of your peers.

Regular praise affects the work ethic of staff members, and showing gratitude can not only keep your team in good mental health but also help to boost to their productivity. With that in mind, there are several small gestures you can do to give your staff a little recognition throughout the day. Check out some of the things that we do at Compulse!


Everyone loves free food

Food traditionally brings people together, so why not utilize it as a constructive opportunity to hit the reset button and pull everyone out of a mid-day work slump? Breaking bread with your coworkers can provide employees with a small morale lift and make everyone more comfortable, leading to greater interpersonal connections down the road.


Build a little fun into the calendar

Having a habitually scheduled event or tradition can help keep the gratitude coming. When building the calendar for the month, don’t forget to set aside a moment for your employees. It can be something around holidays, such as a gift exchange, or a regularly scheduled gathering, like monthly coffee breaks with the staff. Whatever you decide on, just remember that any time set to invest in your staff members is time constructively spent.


Give your team a platform

Allow your employees to open up about themselves by giving them the chance to share their story, hobbies, or achievements. Set the stage for your staff to highlight their strengths in the form of a career story via a monthly newsletter, a bio on the company website, or a spot on an employee spotlight board. Everyone has worked hard and persevered to get to where they are now. Giving your peers a platform to stand on will nurture a sense of confidence and success throughout the team.


Dedicate a social media post

Let your appreciation extend beyond the four walls of the workspace by sharing some of the social media limelight with your employees. Dedicate a post to celebrate birthdays, employment anniversaries, or welcome a new team member into the spotlight. A strong business is built by committed workers, so take the time to let them be part of the brand image and showcase how you honor their milestones.


Say thank you

Sometimes a little goes a long way, and a lot can be said in a warm “thank you” to your team. Appreciation doesn’t always have to be as extravagant as personalized gifts and company trips. Taking small steps to show gratitude, whether it’s in the final line of an email or at the start of a meeting, will eventually compound into a rolling sense of high value throughout the workplace. It all starts with a “thank you”.

Building a profitable business can be difficult, but success is achievable if you treat your employees right. For more on how you can better your business, be sure to reach out to our team at Compulse Integrated Marketing.