If your company has dipped its toe into the digital marketing arena, then you are certainly familiar with Google’s advertising platform. It’s a robust system that allows advertisers to utilize an ever-growing list of targeting tactics to place text, banner, and video ads throughout the Google network in pursuit of potential customers. Included in the GoogleAds platform is YouTube, the popular video streaming website that users can access at no cost.

YouTube has drastically evolved from its early days when it was best known for funny videos and questionable quality. Today, YouTube boasts nearly two billion monthly users. It has become the Internet’s second-most popular search engine and trails only Facebook as the world’s preferred social media platform.

Such huge popularity offers advertisers the ability to reach a massive audience of all ages, demographics, and psychographics in just about any geographic area you could imagine. If your company is not using YouTube, then they are missing a huge opportunity to connect with their audience.

Here are five reasons why your business should maintain an advertising presence on YouTube:


There is no “one size fits all” ad format for YouTube. Advertisers have the ability to run campaigns with longer ads or shorter ads, skippable ads or non-skippable ads, and they are not forced to reach a minimum spend threshold every month to continue running ads. All of the power is with the advertiser to develop an advertising campaign that fits their preferences, needs, and budget.


Since YouTube advertising is tied directly into GoogleAds, it is able to take advantage of Google’s ability to reliably report on campaign performance. Basic metrics like clicks, views, impressions, and conversions are easily accessible. A deeper dive reveals how long users watch the individual ads and on what the content was.


Are you just starting a business and hoping to reach anyone in a certain geography? That’s easy to do with YouTube advertising. Has your business found their identity? Is it ready to target prospective customers that are farther down the sales funnel? YouTube advertising makes that possible. The GoogleAds platform breaks up a company’s targeting abilities into several categories. Two of the most useful categories are “in-market” and “affinity audiences.” In-market audiences are made up of users that are ready to buy a product or service. Affinity audiences are made up of users who have shown a recurring interest in a specific topic. Both of these categories can get extremely specific in order to reach a group of people likely to care about what your business has to offer them.


Purchasing ad space on YouTube tends to be much easier on the company pocketbook than other video platforms. A “view” may cost as little as a penny or two. Better yet, the advertiser gets to choose how they are charged based on the type of campaign they run. Advertisers more interested in impressions can run a bumper campaign and be charged on a CPM basis. If longer ads feel like a better avenue, then they may opt for TrueView in-stream and pay only when a user watches 30 seconds or clicks on the ad.


A recent report from Hubspot showed that 55% of users pay close attention to video ads, a higher rate than any other type of advertising. On top of that, Google reports that nearly half of all consumers will watch a video about a product before making a purchase. This makes YouTube the perfect place to capture engaged and motivated users.

Advertising on YouTube makes more sense for certain industries than it does for others. Are you interested in learning more about how Compulse Integrated Marketing can help your business flourish online? Give us a call at 844-821-2154 and allow our team of experts to guide you down the path to success!