As many companies are aware, timing is everything when it comes to producing an effective and profitable marketing campaign. It’s why businesses send out e-blasts at specific times throughout the day, or choose to utilize certain social media outlets over others, depending on the nature of the campaign.

Holidays are no exception to the rule.

Holiday advertising – especially for national holidays, such as the Fourth of July – is a crucial aspect of any marketing campaign. Ensuring that your business is peaking during these times of the year can be vital if you want to be successful.

But why? Yes, everyone knows that you are supposed to advertise and run at optimal efficiency around major corporate holidays, but why is that the case?

There are several reasons why holiday advertising is important for businesses both large and small. Some of these reasons include:

  • PTO. When people are off work, they are more likely to have free time. And when they have more free time, they’re more likely to spend their money. Making these individuals aware of your business and what you can offer them is always important, but doing so during a holiday season is essential. Think of a holiday like an extra Friday or Saturday night, and you’ll see why movie studios release blockbuster films on holiday weekends. If you want to make more money, cater to the customer’s schedule.
  • Beat the competition. Almost everyone takes the time to advertise their services during the holidays. Whether it’s Memorial Day, Black Friday, or New Year’s Eve, there is a good chance you will see a host of both in-store and online sales flooding your favorite shops. If your company doesn’t join in on the fun, how can you expect anyone to think of you when deciding how they’re going to spend their money?
  • People expect a great deal. Advertising a sale just because it is a holiday may sometimes feel forced, but that doesn’t mean shoppers won’t be paying attention to what you have in store. Some people only shop during the various holiday seasons, so not taking the time to come up with a creative marketing strategy could cost you a customer base you’ll never see at other times throughout the year.
  • Google is watching. If you want your website to rank well on Google, you need to take advantage of every SEO advantage you possibly can. “Google sees upcoming holiday content as trendy and relevant,” says Jason Moore, one of Compulse Integrated Marketing’s SEO specialists. “Google knows what people are most interested in and will return what it believes to be most relevant. Relevancy is crazy important, and posting content that is seasonal, holiday, and/or trendy gives you an edge over content that can be used all year.”

Finding ways to market for the Fourth of July, among other holidays, can be tricky, but it is often worth the effort. Whether you’re trying to snag a few more sales or simply continuing to build your business, make this Independence Day one worth remembering.

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