Whether you’re a successful business or a startup trying to find your way in the corporate world, blogging can provide you and your team with a host of benefits unmatched across the web. Blogging presents writers with an opportunity to express themselves, true, but there are other, more important reasons why your company should utilize a blog – and utilize it often.

 Blogging Can Improve Your SEO Presence

When we talk about SEO from a blogging perspective, we’re talking about organic search, not paid. Organic search engine optimization (SEO) is the most cost-effective way for businesses to generate clicks, and it’s a relatively simple thing to do.

For starters, blogging is something anyone is capable of doing. Simply write about the products or services you want to feature, keyword them and link them accordingly, and voilà! You’ve essentially added another page of brand-new copywriting content to your site, and we know just how important copywriting is when it comes to winning SEO.

The problem with this “simple thing to do” is that everyone is doing it. Whether it be via one 2,000+ word article every week or a few shorter pieces every day, showing Google that you’re a top expert in your field is essential if you want them to trust you, and you can only do this by being consistent. Posting good, quality content regularly is crucial if you want to make significant strides in search ranking – sometimes multiple times a week if you want to win competitive keywords. But if you have the resources to do this, a blog may well be the most important tool a business can utilize to push their competition for rank and clicks.

Blogging Can Highlight that Which You Want to Feature

A blog article serves as another page on your website, and this page can either drive customers to other sections of the site or introduce new concepts not present on other pages. For instance, if you are a law firm trying to remain competitive in the auto accident industry, you could use your blog to focus on successful cases you’ve worked in the past (case studies). Alternatively, you may want to use it as an opportunity to elaborate on other general “overview” pages (sort of like how this article supplements Compulse’s search-optimization page). 

In short, a blog gives you the freedom to talk about whatever you want people to see, whether you mean it to serve for SEO benefit or as an information outlet, which leads to how…

Blogging Can Draw Social Media Users to Your Site

The truth is that almost no one wants to read long social media postings time and time again; it’s one of the reasons why Twitter limited users to 140 characters-per-tweet for so many years. What social users do want to see, however, is a quick summary of what might be in store for them if they choose to visit your website to learn more about the product or service you mention.

By giving them an inch so they can take a mile, you are providing them with a choice; you’re not forcing them to scroll past your long post on dietary recommendations or the coronavirus. Instead, you’re giving them the option to visit your site to learn more about X or Y, and this is possible with catchy headlines and intriguing summaries.

If you can find a way to successfully market your article on social media, you will reach an entirely new audience in your efforts to generate clicks, and this is an audience you never would have been able to engage with through any other means.

When used properly, a blog tied to your website is arguably the most valuable tool at your company’s disposal. For more information on how blogs can benefit you, or if you need help writing, editing, or optimizing articles, please call Compulse Integrated Marketing at 844-821-2154.