After almost four months of quarantine, many employees nationwide are eager to get back to the office. The bad news? It looks like stay-at-home protocols may be in effect a little while longer, what with the recent spikes in coronavirus. The good news? You’re probably saving a ton of money by not eating out as often.

In all seriousness, working from home can serve as a great way for you to seize certain opportunities you never could have before in an office setting. Think of how much more productive you’ve been – or could be – during your lunch break while you’re stationed at home.

Can’t think of anything? Here are seven ways to spend your lunch break at home differently than you might at the office:

Cook a Gourmet Meal

We take cooking for granted, but man, you save some serious money by forgoing a restaurant in favor of a stovetop! Plan out your meals, grocery shop over the weekend, and spend your lunch hour trying your hand at cooking up some delicious new recipes. Who knows? You may even learn some new skills along the way.

Take a Walk – With Your Dog!

Walking at work is a great way to get in some steps, standing time, and exercise, but one-up this healthy habit at home by getting your puppy involved. They won’t only thank you for it, but they’ll also tire themselves out sand won’t bother you while you’re working on important tasks later in the day. Oh, and did we mention how you’ll form an even greater bond with your dog? Sounds like a win-win.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Tired of doing all of your cleaning after work, or even on the weekends? No need to worry about that anymore – take a lunchbreak or two every week to knock out some of your weekly cleaning to-dos. Scrub the bathroom, mop the floors, wipe down the countertops – and do it all before your workday is even finished! Mowing the lawn counts here, too, by the way!


Some people love to go to the gym during their lunch break, but just because gyms are either closed or following strict protocols doesn’t mean you can’t get a lift in! Invest in a few dumbbells, a piece of cardio equipment, and some solid at-home programming and watch as those extra quarantine pounds melt away.


Mediation is a way to create space in your mind. The workday can be frustrating and chaotic, leaving your head filled and cramped by your shift’s end. Taking a few minutes to create some space during your break is a great opportunity – especially when you can do so in the peace, quiet, and comforts of your own home. Find a comfortable spot/position and focus on nothing in particular – or use an app to help you on your mediation journey.

Knock Out Some Home-Improvement Projects

How long do you think it takes to paint a room? Three hours? Five? What if you devoted one hour every day to revamping your favorite space? Monday: tape and paint the ceiling. Tuesday: tape and paint two walls. Wednesday: tape and paint the other two walls. Thursday: tape and paint the trim and door. Friday: touchups. You’ll be amazed by what you can do in such a short amount of time – and you won’t have to devote any of your weekends to get it done!

Find a Hobby

Gardening is an option. So is journaling. Learning how to play the piano or guitar would be cool too, huh? How about something simple that you “never have time for,” like reading? Whatever that hobby you’ve been putting off is, now is as great a time as any to look into it. You have a free hour every single day – use it to your advantage!

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