How To Use Email Marketing to Benefit Your Brand

Email Marketing has become a huge resource in today’s marketing strategy. It helps you to gain reach for your brand by getting your name into the inboxes of people who may not have recognized you before. This article will serve as a resource to get you through the basics of Email Marketing as you start your journey to the inbox.

Things to think about before you deploy that key email

Before you get too into the links that you wish to broadcast, there are a few things you should really consider.

  1. Count Requests should be the first step. Count Requests help define your target audience. Email Marketing (EMM) can help eliminate wasted money by targeting your core customers based on parameters like; location, gender, age, income ranges, marital status and interestsThis is a way to get the word out for your brand, directly to the people that will want to see it.


  1. Know your timeframe. If you want to experiment with EMM during holiday seasons, think about how long it will take to get your message through the process. Here at Compulse, we suggest that you plan for about 2 weeks before deployment.


  1. Keep in mind that your subject line has the potential to draw in new audience members, but it also could be killing your campaign. Lengthy subject lines can sometimes go straight into the dreaded spam folder. Compulse, for example, aims for no more than 59 characters for this. It’s enough to get you some detail and pizzazz, without getting automatically scrapped by the filters on incoming emails.

What’s Next?

  1. So you know who you want to see these emails, and you know when I need to get started. Now what? Once you’ve got your messages and your goals, it’s time to start thinking about those links, and those pictures. At Compulse, we have a collection of templates for your choosing. A tip from Kristin Cook, one of our Customer Service Representatives (CSR) that works with the EMM processes, is to know the sizes of your templates. If the image is set to 280 x 150, make sure you’re not sending a miniscule picture. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you don’t want to send a massive photo that will have to be scaled down.


  1. The testing phase will be the most important step in your campaign. At this point you will want to run your test deployment to a select group of people to make sure that everything looks good. You also want to make sure all of your links work at this stage as well. You don’t want to send your email out with broken links as that could be off putting for potential consumers. Another Kristin Cook tip is to check your email on multiple devices and in different email programs. This is to confirm that everything will display correct on laptops as well as tablets and smartphones of different sizes.

Add Ons

So say you’ve gotten through all of this, and you’ve run a successful campaign, and you want to run another one. Two things you can look into are Split Deployments and Matchbacks.

  1. Split Deployments allow you to use one message for two different targets. You’ve bought 50K deployments, but you want to aim for females between the ages of 25-45 AND females of any age that are interested in purchasing leather purses. By using split deployments, you will be able to send the emails out to both groups, and track their performance separately.


  1. Matchbacks are specifically for repeat customers. For example, an automotive dealer can run a successful campaign and request a Matchback on their next EMM. This just means that you can target the same list you’ve seen success with in the past. Using this tool, you can compare current campaigns to a prosperous list from the advertisers’ database, and determine your target audience this way. The same consumers from the last campaign will become the recipients for your new campaign.

Keep all of these tips and tricks in mind as you approach your pending EMM run, and contact Compulse when you’re ready. We’re here for you.