Uptown Funk-o: Our Dragons Haven’t Retired Yet!

Really, they haven’t. We have 5+ working with us in the office! If you were to enter the walls of Compulse Integrated Marketing, you would quickly realize that we have integrated a few fun things into our environment. The main attraction that you will see at many desks: Funko Pop figurines. Some of our team have vaster collections than others, but most have at least one. Ranging from beloved children’s movies, to internationally popular television shows and, video games, the department’s collection will almost certainly have something for everyone.

Many of us have but one lonely Funko character, myself included; but on the other end of the spectrum, there are a few contenders battling it out for the title of top collector. Antonio Colon of our web design team is in a tie for second with the blog team’s very own Frank Reynolds, both with 19 funky figures on their desks. Both are losing however by a slim margin of three, by Jon Care, another of the agency’s web designers. He has 21 Funko-Pops on his desk, mostly of a Star Wars theme. Of the 21 he has “so far,” Jon’s current favorite is Obi Wan Kenobi: one of his favorite characters from the silver screen. Use the funk Jon, use the funk.

Antonio says that the adorably disproportioned characters are “fun to have and make my workspace more personal and lively. Funko-Pops are a reflection of their owners’ taste in film/media. Mine are admittedly all from video games and superhero films.” Well said, my friend.

For instance, several of the images in the gallery show that Frank is a huge Game Of Thrones fan and would probably like to add “House Reynolds” to the franchise! His collection houses three of our office dragons, and many of his characters have migrated to his coworkers’ desks.

The Funko craze had already begun when he started working here. According to Frank, he’d “never even heard of these things before, but was definitely interested because they seemed like a great way to express [his] personality to a new group of people.” Though we are all pleased to see that his attitude doesn’t reflect Game of Thrones in any violent or power hungry manner.

When I asked our top Funko fans what got them all started on the Funko-Pop craze, all three guys pointed the finger at Chris Hall. Sadly, Chris moved on from our agency recently to accept his “dream job,” with another branch in the Sinclair family. We reached out to him to ask why he felt inspired to start this movement in the office, and he said: “I can’t remember which was my first one, but they are just so darn cool and every time I think I’m done spending money on them Funko puts out another set that I just have to have! My collection at home is probably two or three times this size. We have every Harry Potter pop that has been put out”

Well there you have it folks: Chris Hall’s addiction to collectibles kick-started an office-wide phenomenon here at Compulse. Don’t believe me? Just scroll!…through the gallery. 🙂