Do you understand your brand? Or do you leave it at the logo?

If you want to understand your brand, you must know what the difference is between a brand and a logo. Believe it or not, the two are entirely unique entities.

  • A logo is an image that leaves a mark burned into the subconscious of the masses. If I showed you golden arches, you’d know what I meant.
  • Branding is so much more than just a picture on a screen; it’s your business’ identity.

So now the question is simple: do you know who your company is?

Let’s look at some of the significant questions that you should ask yourself while you build your brand.

What is your business?

That seems like a simple thing to answer, right? Well, it is. Think about your products and services and focus on what sets you apart. Show people what makes you unique.

You also want to think about the values of your business. Are you a family-oriented person that doesn’t like beef and wants to keep your restaurants closed on Sundays? (You can see the logo, can’t you?) Are you focused on being outdoors and saving the earth? Are you concerned with animal safety? If you can’t answer these questions, neither can your business.

Who makes up your consumer base?

Think about your customers. Are you aiming towards families with children? Are you focusing on people who have their own homes with spaces for landscaping? The people you’re hoping to draw in are the people to which you should be branding.

Can your customers understand you?

You want to establish a connection with your customers and get them to understand the core of what your business is. If you’ve answered the first two questions honestly, this one should be a walk in the park.

You want your audience to know who you are and why you have the business that you have. If you can write a one-sheet summary of all of this, you’re on the road to a good brand, and a good brand should be reflected in everything to do with your company.

Yes, this includes your logo, and no, this doesn’t involve a hot iron over coals. Showing your brand means that you should be putting the strengths, goals, and values of your company on display everywhere. The public should be able to identify your brand through more than your logo and your staff uniforms. They should be able to find you through your quality, your advertising style, and your customer service tactics.

Now that you have the basics of branding down, it’s time to answer one final question: what are you going to do with your brand? One option you always have is calling Compulse Integrated Marketing. We are comprised of an entire office that specializes in helping you better your brand and making you irresistible to consumers.


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