If your site is in need of some revamping, there are many tools out there that can help you. Evaluating your site’s needs and determining what tools could enhance your site is a great way to get started. Here are some of the tools that can enhance your site:


Grammarly is a digital writing tool that scans text for any spelling or grammar errors. The program downloads to your computer and then installs into your browser. It is a simple tool to use and can enhance all of the writing on your website. Once you enter the text into the program, it allows you to set goals based on the audience, formality, domain, tone, and intent, which allows the text to be scanned accordingly. 

After Grammarly scans the text, it gives you a readability score and suggestions for each issue that it finds. Grammarly will also scan text while you type it into the backend of the site for a quick way to detect any errors. 

Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker scans all of the links on a site to make sure that they are functional and that they redirect to the correct site or document. This program can analyze an unlimited amount of pages and checks both internal and external links. 

Once it is finished scanning your site, it reports any broken links that are found along with 404 errors and other unsuccessful HTTP codes that are found. Using a broken link checker is also a way to boost SEO and can be used over time to constantly monitor the links on your site.

Internal Link Analyzer

An internal link analyzer is similar to a broken link checker. It analyzes the number of links on a web page and what type of link it is such as an internal, external, or subdomain link. 

It also detects the number of images without an alt tag or image descriptions. Just like a broken link checker, an internal link analyzer is a tool that can be used as time goes by to make sure that all of the links or your site are still functional.


BrowserStack is a tool that allows you to test the site in all browsers and devices. You are able to test your website in all of the newest devices and get a glance at what your site would like before it launches. This is an important tool to use during the build process of your site. It helps eliminate all of the potential errors and allows you to deliver a functional bug-free website. With the capability to view your site as if you were the user and fix any issues before it goes live, you are in complete control and on the right track to enhance your site. 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool that allows the user to get the most out of their marketing. Some of the key features are that it:

  • Monitors site traffic
  • Tracks new user behavior
  • Shows the most frequent requests to find your site
  • Pinpoints new users, their age, location, and time spent on the site

Whether your business is small or large, Google Analytics is something that can give you crucial information regarding your demographics. It also gives you an insight into what content your users like the most, how much traffic your site gets, and what pages get the most views. Having this information right at your fingertips is beneficial and can positively impact your business.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a plugin that can be installed into the backend of a site. It makes sure all SEO is covered any time you add a blog post or a new page to a site. This program gives you a score based on the SEO and readability of the content. It also gives you an in-depth analysis of how your site is doing and will list any potential problems.

Overall, having access to these tools is a simple way to enhance your site. From functionality to site performance, these tools help pinpoint any potential problems and allows you to get the most out of your site with very little work.

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