When brainstorming different ways to improve your business strategy, you should first consider whether you are going to make your primary focus branding or marketing. In short, branding is who your company is – your mission statement, values, goals. Marketing is the promotion of your business via various methods, which may include SEO, social media, paid search, and sales.

So, which area do you need to pursue?

Both branding and marketing are vital to a successful business. Think of branding as a company’s inner health; without proper nutrition, sleep, and mental awareness, a human body shuts down. If the business doesn’t put a focus on its employees, its values, and its aspirations, it cannot possibly hope to succeed. Marketing, on the other hand, is like a person’s physical appearance – the way they look, act, communicate. Marketing is makeup, and how good you look depends on how much time and effort you dedicate to a plan.

If your company knows how to sell its services, or if it is already working with a proven marketing agency like Compulse Integrated Marketing, but still isn’t sure where these endeavors will lead, branding might need to be an area of focus. If your business has a strong core of employees working together to attain a common that goal seems impossible to reach, marketing might help.

Businesses are struggling more than ever to bring in revenue. Right now, you have time to focus on these areas – areas you may not have been able to focus on before COVID-19.

Companies hoping to increase brand awareness should:

Show employees some love. Build your business from the inside. Offer a wider range of benefits, even if those benefits are something as simple as free coffee. If people want to come to work every day, they’re more apt to buy into your business. And if your employees buy into your business, you’re no longer a one-man show. When it comes to setting goals, the power of a team is more important than anything.

Re-evaluate why you’re doing this. Remember how it felt to first start a business? Or even what it felt like to start getting paid for something you believe in? Over time, the “why” behind a company’s success can get lost in the daily shuffle. Stepping back and recalling exactly what brought you into this world is a good place to start when trying to figure out new ways to navigate it.

Companies hoping to improve from a marketing perspective may want to consider:

Dedicating time to organic and paid SEO. Both paid and organic search engine marketing are incredible tools companies can use to boost their online presence – and they’re completely measurable. Google makes tracking your success through paid and organic search easy with algorithms that detail what you’re winning search for and what needs improvement. While the coronavirus keeps the country quarantined, take some time to learn how Google uses these algorithms so you can start winning search.

Create and utilize social media accounts. Chances are strong that your company has a few social media accounts, but do you ever use them? In some ways, it’s worse to have an account that isn’t used than it is to not have an account at all. You should be posting on your social media account every single day. Run all of your promotions on there, engage with potential clients – in short, use it.

If you want to be successful, you want to consistently find new ways to improve your business. Building brand awareness and engaging in impactful marketing campaigns are two great ways to get started.

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