Most people can spew out a list of the people or the things that they’re thankful for, but do we really think about what we’re saying, or do we just say what is expected of us? Our blog team discussed what we’re thankful for this holiday season.

Kaylee Dougherty is most thankful for her family traditions. Not just her family, but the meaningful traditions that her family partakes in. The holiday season for Kaylee overlaps with her mother’s birthday and sometimes they are able to make Thanksgiving extra sweet by celebrating her special day at the same time. The big day for the Dougherty family usually involves sleeping in, laying around the fireplace and watching the Macy’s Day Parade on TV. The family tradition also requires that the food is prepared early in the day. Some may say that is pretty common amongst most families, but one thing that sets Kaylee and her family apart is their homemade apple sauce. As is custom, Kaylee and her mother make their own blend of applesauce. Last year her nephew was old enough to join in too! Kaylee has also reached a point in her life where she has decided to embark on a new tradition, the Millersville Turkey Trot in Lancaster, PA, where they will run the race and donate canned goods.

Keeping true to his always positive nature, Frank Reynolds is thankful for everything in his life. He says he has been truly blessed for his near 25 years with a loving and supportive family, and his large group of life-long friends. To quote Frank, “It’s easy to take what you have for granted, especially around the holidays when gifts become such a hot-topic of discussion, but when I really think about it I honestly have everything I could ever ask for and then some.” Frank is just thankful for the simple things in life –  loving those close to him. He was also recently engaged, so that’s something to be thankful for!

Alison Klein is also a fan of the simple things. She is thankful for the people in her life who love her, even when she says she is being impatient, annoying, or running late. Alison is also thankful for her dog who excitedly welcomes her home each day. Most importantly, Alison is thankful for the freedoms the Bill of Rights has afforded us, such as the freedom of speech, which helps a lot in her line of work. The last check box on her list is that she is thankful for the good fortune in her life that allows her to earn her living doing something that she loves, writing.

No matter what your list was when you rattled it off to your mom or coworker, just be sure you know the meaning of everything in your life. You may find you’re thankful for a lot more than you think.