It’s hard to believe that the holidays are almost upon us and that 2017 is already coming to a close. While we try to wrap our heads around the fact that 2018 is nearly here, let’s take a look back at some highlights from this past year.

This year, we published 52 blogs posts on subjects ranging from Compulse culture and holiday marketing tips to email marketing and social media “should ask questions.”

Here are our five most popular posts from the past year:

  1. Mobile Responsive Vs. Optimized Vs. Friendly: What’s The Difference?

We all know it’s important for businesses to have websites that render well on mobile devices, but all of the related terminology can get a little hazy. This article explains the differences between responsive, mobile-optimized and mobile friendly website design to help decision-makers choose the best approach for their business.

  1. Social Media Marketing: 10 Questions You Should Ask Experts, But Don’t!

Whether you’re an established social marketing guru or a total newbie, there’s always something new to learn. Here you can find Compulse’s experts’ answers to ten questions that more clients should ask, but don’t.

  1. Simple Definitions For 32 Digital Marketing Terms You Should Know

When was the last time you memorized a vocab list? Not since high school French, mon ami? Well no te preocupes, amigo – this rundown of digital marketing terms will have you speaking “digital” in no time.

  1. “Sinclair Digital Solutions” Is Now “Compulse Integrated Marketing,” And Here’s Why

You like us, you really like us! Surprisingly, one of the most-read posts of 2017 was this explanation of our structure and the Compulse brand.

  1. How To Serve TV Ads To People Who Don’t Watch Regular TV

You can still serve TV ads to “cord cutters” who use services like Netflix instead of traditional cable. This blog post explores how it’s done.

2017 might be coming to a close, but there’s no denying that it was a great year for blog posts. Here’s to even more useful marketing tips in 2018!

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