Travis Campbell

Senior Digital Automotive Coordinator

Customer satisfaction is Travis Campbell’s ultimate goal. He takes pride in being a go-to guy. That attitude has made Travis an indispensable lynchpin of the Drive Auto team.

Travis has played a large role in building the current Drive Auto onboarding process, in large part because he was the first non-managerial member of the team. He’d honed his skills juggling multiple problems in deadline-driven environments during his previous experience working as both a newspaper editor and handling internal communications for a national non-profit. His abilities to think fast and make last-minute adjustments to any project at any time are regularly utilized in the complex world of Drive Auto.

Travis’s primary role as a digital sales coordinator has evolved into that of an onboarding specialist. His primary responsibility is to prepare new Drive Auto campaigns for the sometimes rigorous onboarding process. He does this by arming both our stations and dealers with all the information they will need.

Fun Fact: If Travis were a professional wrestler, his finishing move would be called “The Travisty.”