Timothy Goodell

Account Generalist

Tim Goodell has always been a movie fan, and he spent many of his formative years learning from the best of the best in the world of video production. Before joining our team in October of 2016, Tim spent several years as an assistant editor and shoot coordinator for a smaller digital agency much like our own. But it was the inception, creation, production, post-production, and successful distribution of his own feature film that paved his way to Compulse. His experience guiding a large team through each milestone of such an impressive undertaking lit a fire in Tim that has been burning ever since, and he is proud to be using his skills to benefit another large and equally passionate team as an account generalist.

As our account generalist, Tim helps oversee various stages of campaign productions and finance roles by interfacing with both our stations and clients. Additionally, Tim works with our digital sales coordinators to ensure that all of our web projects are completed in a timely fashion.

Tim loves to see a plan come together. His drive to achieve goals and his unwavering dedication to teamwork makes him a great contributor to the office morale, and his excitement as a project crosses its finish line is downright infectious. He believes that there is no more rewarding experience than the creation of something from nothing, and he looks for every opportunity to add value to create and manage using whatever mediums are available.

Between his love of organized workflow and his love of Pokémon, Tim feels right at home in his role with Compulse Integrated Marketing!

Fun Fact: Anyone need an agent? Tim sometimes moonlights as a handler for celebrity guests at pop culture conventions in the area. He spent Winter Storm Jonas holed up in Carrabba’s with the stars of “Arrow” – the hit CW series!