Taylor Kennedy

Administrative Assistant

With the whirlwind of projects that flow through the agency every day, sometimes we find ourselves in need of a little assistance. Need a hand with that additional research or extra help compiling that long list of emails into a cohesive spreadsheet? That’s where Taylor Kennedy, our digital administrative assistant, lends us her helping hands—all while flashing a cheerful smile!

On the road to earning a bachelor’s degree in pre-law, Taylor picked up how to multitask and network from Barry University in Miami Shores, Florida, which she gets to utilize every day as she works to accommodate every single person in the office. She was drawn to Compulse when she heard about our creative atmosphere and realized that she would have the opportunity to interact with a diverse array of people. Now that she’s with us, Taylor is determined to complete projects and tasks as thoroughly as possible, all the while having a joke in reserve for those extra-long days. She takes great pride in her work, so when she sets the tone for anyone who enters our building, she tries to make it a terrific one.

Fun fact: She’s dyed her hair every color of the rainbow. Colorful hair for a colorful personality!