Ryan McCoy

Digital Search Specialist

Where do you start with a digital marketing campaign? Where do you turn when you have a question? Here at Compulse, we have people you can talk to. People like Ryan.

Ryan will work with you to sort out your confusing or even tricky marketing campaigns and help you manage them. He specializes in YouTube and AdWords for campaigns big and small. While our agency may be growing, Ryan doesn’t back down from a campaign because he knows he has the confidence of Compulse behind him. He fits well in the close-knit atmosphere of our digital agency, and everyone enjoys his happy demeanor.

If you ever find that you’re confused during your campaign, Ryan will use his master’s degree from Loyola University in emerging media to keep you on track. Between his degree and his professional experience, he has the valued skillset you need to both develop your digital advertising campaigns and execute a strategy that increases your ROI.

One of Ryan’s most valuable skills is his ability to understand the analytics of your project. Once he became aware of social media’s potential and the impact it was soon going to have on the business world, he found a way to apply his talents in that area. The result? He became hooked, and his passion is sure to deliver you and your company results.

Fun fact: Ryan grew up in Key West, Florida!