Ray Arroyo

Director of Agency Sales for Compulse

Serving as the liaison between Compulse and all of our clients, Ray’s job is to ensure satisfaction and results for every company we work with. His ultimate goal is to ensure that we are managing the power of today’s digital channels by delivering the highest number of leads for prospective businesses at the lowest possible acquisition cost.

Ray’s leadership skills and past experiences make him one of Compulse’s most valuable assets. With skills in ROI, search engine marketing, social media, and integrated marketing, Ray has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to offer any business looking to increase online traffic and revenue.

Given that the digital world is always evolving, Ray believes in what he does. He has seen the results his team can produce first-hand, and he knows that those results lead to the betterment of his clients’ companies. If you ask him what his proudest professional moment is, you will find him at a loss for words. Why? Because every business he has helped turn into a success story is special to him, and this type of mentality is just one of the many reasons why he is so special to us.

Fun fact: Ray has a passion for motorsports. On the weekends, you will find him calibrating engine control modules on race cars for maximum efficiency and power. Talk about an exciting way to spend your downtime!