Peter Oliveri

Digital Client Services Sales Manager

If you’re a successful manager, then chances are you enjoy a good challenge. For over 20 years, Pete has thrived in the digital media industry, taking on difficult tasks with an unmatched determination to succeed. That determination has led him to prosperous roles in sales, management, and operations, and inevitably drew him to Compulse Integrated Marketing as our digital client services sales manager.

Early in his career, Pete found that his true interests were rooted in technology and marketing. At the time, it just so happened that the internet was really starting to become a useful tool for commercial business, so he found that the timing allowed him to apply both. Over the past two decades, he has helped multiple companies grow their digital divisions from start-up into flourishing businesses while partnering with hundreds of clients ranging from small, local companies to major brands and corporations.

At our company, Pete, in short, makes sure that all of our clients and stations are receiving a high level of support and the operation runs smoothly. He’s also always on the lookout for different ways to improve our overall process – something he’s proven to be exceptional at, especially in regards to our client experience. Pete enjoys all aspects of digital, but helping clients achieve success is what he considers to be the greatest reward.

Fun facts: Pete is a huge lacrosse fan; he is a former player and now helps coach his 11-year-old son’s team!