Pavlo Yakovets

Web Designer

It all started during a college interactive design workshop. That’s when Pavlo knew he wanted to be a designer.

Ever since that day, Pavlo has set his sights on being the best designer he can be. Despite graduating college with a degree in psychology, Pavlo’s free time was always devoted to learning how to design. He spent hours coding, studying CSS, developing and more, and all his hard work got him to where he is today: with us at Compulse.

Pavlo comes to work every day with genuine excitement. His time with the company has allowed him to grow and gain experience in a career he considers to be his proudest achievement yet. Prior to joining our team, Pavlo spent most of his time designing emails and banners at another agency. Now, he leads web design projects, both alone and as part of a unit. We’re as grateful to have him as he is to be here with us, and we look forward to watching him continue to flourish as part of our business.

Fun fact: Pavlo loves to exercise, but you won’t find him in the pool – he’s terrified of the water!