Nicholas Thomas

Digital Marketing Specialist

As a digital marketing specialist for Compulse, Nick Thomas processes and facilitates station orders from start to finish with great attention to detail.

With experience assisting clients alongside salesmen and women as their orders are put into production, Nick has learned to easily adapt to all sorts of different clients and situations wants and needs, and this knowledge makes him one of our team’s finest assets.

Nick knew he wanted to have a career in marketing from an early age. During this time in college, he became extremely interested in the digital world and just how expansive it could be. The creativity that came with assisting in the development of various marketing campaigns really spoke to him and drew his interest, leading him to where he is today.

Fun fact: Nick has been playing drums and attending underground shows since he was a freshman in high school. It is a hobby he continues to indulge even today, to the point where he in his friends regularly travel all over the country to see their favorite bands!