Nerissa Monton

Web Designer

Here at Compulse, we pride ourselves on crafting digital experiences that suit the individual needs of each and every one of our clients. We accomplish this by carefully researching our clients’ target audiences while taking into account the need to enhance end-user experiences.

That’s where Nerissa Monton comes in.

With a background in UX and design, Nerissa specializes in analyzing how people interact with digital technology. This expertise allows her to not only create unique product designs but also create digital products that translate into economic value for our clients’ businesses.

As a result of her professional journey, Nerissa is able to recognize and appreciate the ever-evolving nature of the tech industry, as well as its growing diversity in leadership worldwide. As a filipina designer, Nerissa prides herself on having the opportunity to represent her culture within this industry. This experience has allowed Nerissa to share her knowledge and passions with her mentees and colleagues, helping them to navigate their respective careers.

Surrounded by talented experts, Nerissa uses humility, communication, and laughter to foster a collaborative and positive work environment with her team and fellow creatives.

Fun Fact: Nerissa gets obsessed about different hobbies every few months. One day she could be perfecting her pour over coffee technique and the next, she’s thrift hunting sneakers to resell. Right now, she’s training to be a powerlifter – a tiny, 4’11 powerlifter.