Natalie Tinkham

Digital Sales Coordinator

How does Compulse always know what you need and when we’ll be able to complete a project for you? The answer is simple: communication. The mainline our stations have with Compulse comes through our digital sales coordinators, who make sure every step of the project runs smoothly and that each task is completed correctly and on time. This means we need great communicators to work in these roles, and we’re very fortunate to have Natalie Tinkham as one of our DSCs.

To manage the extensive list of projects Natalie watches over, she must develop a rapport with the station personnel and external clients so she can provide superior support. Between managing project timelines within the active team, maintaining current updates in the system, and facilitating communications between project stakeholders, Natalie manages the testing, scheduling, and deployment of all assigned email marketing campaigns.

Natalie is a team-oriented communicator that ensures every project assigned to her team gets completed successfully. How does she do all of this? She’s flexible to meet the needs of the client through an ever-changing digital industry. Learning the behind-the-scenes strategy and application of online advertisements, websites, email marketing, and social media campaigns have been very exciting for Natalie. This highlights her positivity, letting her work more cohesively with everyone involved in her projects. We’re genuinely excited to have snagged her right from college.

Fun fact: Natalie lived in China for two months in high school through a Chinese Cultural Exchange program!