Liz Raton

Senior Web Designer

Liz began her journey to becoming a senior web designer with Compulse in 2013. In her role, she helps to oversee the design team and makes sure all of our products look great. She also assists management by working on presentations and documents to ensure we are properly representing ourselves both internally and to our clients.

While she still does do some design of her own, she’s taken over administering our entire ticketing platform from user management to structuring workflows. This is a result of her eagerness to take on new challenges within our company – an extremely helpful trait that does not go overlooked.

Liz began with Sinclair before Compulse even existed, so she truly understands exactly how the web world works. She has plenty of experience working with a wide range of clients to achieve an aesthetically pleasing and functional web product. Using her technical skills and design expertise, Liz can utilize her creativity in the ever-changing world of technology.

Fun fact: Liz loves to travel – she has been to 24 countries and lived in three states in the last two years!