Leah Polakoff

Branded Content Supervisor

Sometimes, our clients need to find new ways to reach new audiences. Sinclair has just the answer for those in need of this type of service – branded content. In short, branded content is a means for those interested in targeting new demographics to get their name out there via original written content. Leah is the supervisor of this service, and she has proven to be the perfect person for the role since joining our team in early 2018.

Leah is a former journalist who has experience writing for a wide range of different media outlets. Her experiences working for daily newspapers, health magazines, digital publications, and business advertorials have allowed her to hone her exemplary writing skills. As a result, Leah’s ability to create stories on any given topic is unparalleled, which, in turn, provides our sales team the flexibility to sell the branded content service to all interested customers, regardless of the field they’re in.

If you’re looking for someone to take a vague vision and turn it into a beautifully written piece tailed to a specific audience, there is no one better than Leah Polakoff for the job.

Fun fact: Leah’s experience writing for health magazines isn’t entirely by chance. She’s an avid fitness enthusiast, having run 10 half marathons and two full in her life!