Kristin Cook

Digital Sales Coordinator

Successful projects require a strong team with a deep sense of comradery, solid communication, and hardworking individuals with a passion for their craft. At Compulse, we aim to bring our client’s ideas to life by assessing their needs and finding creative solutions to generate better branding and digital content. It takes the right kind of character to be able to navigate and motivate both clients and team members towards an exceptional final product, so who better for the role than our own Kristin Cook?

Kristin comes from a diverse background with over 21 years of experience in higher education, non-profit institutions, television, and digital media. She not only got to witness the shift in television viewing from cable to digital streaming but also was part of that transition, which naturally influenced her decision to move into the digital sector in the media world. Her experience in collaborating with a variety of individuals and organizations to produce high-quality material has shaped her into the wholehearted and flexible problem solver that she is today.

Fun fact: Throughout her life, Kristin has always found ways to be active—she played field hockey in high school, NCAA tennis in college, and currently runs at least five 5Ks per year.