Kiesha Smith

Billing/Order Entry Specialist

After studying business administration, Kiesha Smith has found experience in a myriad of industries, including banking, retail, building materials, and the food industry. The constant in working for these very different industries was service: Kiesha prides herself on being willing to help out wherever she is needed, providing the best possible experience and service to clients. She keeps the perspective of a customer when managing client accounts, utilizing her years of experience to understand how her work should translate to the person on the receiving end.

Kiesha’s proudest professional moment was managing a bank branch and leading a team of tellers and customer service representatives in New York, providing financial services to banking customers. Although she had no prior experience managing a team, Kiesha was prepared to take on that challenge, helping out where ever she was needed.

Kiesha is the river through which Drive Auto’s revenue flows. As the billing coordinator for the Drive Auto team, Kiesha is responsible for ensuring that all of Drive Auto’s revenue is captured and entered correctly into our billing system with proper coding and correct rates. She is always available to assist with any questions or discrepancies.

Fun fact: After several trips to Aruba, Kiesha realized she really liked iguanas.