Kevin Hall

Web Developer

How does your website begin? It doesn’t start with the color scheme or the text on the page, so where do those aesthetic elements go? They go on the “skeletons” that are created by the developers. Web developers like Kevin Hall.

Most of what Kevin does is connect the separate pieces of websites and make them work together. So if a site has content in the back-end, a design on the front-end, forms that submit to a client’s email, third-party services, etc., he helps move the data around so that it all shows up in the correct place. All this makes sense to Kevin because he’s had years to practice writing code, so he has a pretty good grip on what will and won’t work.

One of the most challenging tasks Kevin has overcome since joining Compulse has been taking an existing website and connecting the client’s payment system to their learning platform. It required a lot of research, and a little trial and error, but he’s been able to make such projects work thanks to his background. Though we were lucky enough to catch this gem right out of college, Kevin had previously done a fair amount of freelance work thanks to his studies in computer science.

Kevin zeroed in on the web track because of how open the field is. He says that it’s easy to find examples of web code to learn from. There are many open source projects – you can right-click on any website and see its code, but it’s a lot harder to do so on desktop applications (e.g., Outlook or Photoshop) because a lot of them are proprietary. This is yet another one of the many reasons why Kevin has become an absolutely irreplaceable member of the team.

Fun fact: The office gave him a Kevin-approved nickname – Dev-Kev. Hey, it works!