Keith Williams

Senior Web Developer

Compulse strives to provide aid for thousands of businesses across the country in their venture to achieve their web and online goals. Each component of every project receives care and precision from motivated industry professionals and the utmost attention to detail in the build process. As a team, we make every effort to communicate milestones and reach out to each other for assistance in order to continue advancing as a whole. Keith Williams, our senior web developer, works closely with our development team, designers, and more to ensure that all web projects are built using the best practices and coding standards.

With a long technical background in programming and building websites dating back to 2002, Keith is almost entirely self-taught and still enthusiastic to learn more about development and coding out of sheer passion for the field. Ever since he received his first PC, he found a sparked interest in building, creating, and learning, thus realizing a computer was the perfect platform for exploring such fascinations. From there, Keith went on to take the technical world by storm and put his all into every task that came his way, including a $40,000 project he was able to build almost entirely on his own. We are excited to have him on board with Compulse, and we look forward to seeing all that Keith can gather and create within our agency!

Fun fact: Although he’s quite technically savvy with computers and programming, he joined the electrical union following high school and became a journeyman electrician in 2010.