Katrina Schmelter

Front-End Web Developer

Half programmer, half artist, all amazing! Katrina can do it all. She is just as comfortable designing an eye-popping website as she is writing the code that makes the design come to life. Her number one priority is making life easier for her clients, and her expertly built websites do just that.

Some people choose the digital world, others are born into it. For Katrina, it is the latter. Her father is a programmer, and he passed down his passion for computers. Katrina is fluent in just about any programming language you can name, and she uses this knowledge both in and out of the office. When she’s not creating websites at Compulse, Katrina can be found building computer games or programs of her own. She was once called a “web developer wizard” for constructing an online color typewriter.

It doesn’t seem possible, but Katrina is determined to learn even more about the digital marketing world. She is driven to continually expand on her skills by experimenting and developing more abilities to help her clients become online successes.

Fun fact: Katrina loves virtual reality. She enjoys using her Oculus Rift to hang out with her dad when they can’t see each other in real life.