Kaitlin Scoffone

Social Media Marketing Coordinator

Seeing how she was in high school when Facebook first burst onto the scene, Kaitlin was an early adopter of social media. While cutting her teeth in marketing, she took an interest in the way a client’s social presence became both a hub for client interaction and an easy space for them to present themselves as masters of their industry. With a natural social marketing aptitude coupled with a can-do attitude, Kaitlin has proven to be the right choice for Compulse’s social media marketing coordinator role.

In her current position, Kaitlin works to develop methods and best practices for both organic social posting and advertising campaigns. This ensures that her clients stand out on crowded platforms and that they’re presenting themselves as experts in their fields.

As a social media marketing coordinator, Kaitlin works to provide the company’s sales force and clientele with the tools they need to better understand and take advantage of social media’s perks. Her years of experience allow her to see the flaws in an existing social strategy, and this experience gives her the confidence to recommend advice that will help our clients reach the right people with the right message.

Fun fact: Kaitlin spent the last six years living at the beach, so to make up for the lack of space her and her boyfriend experienced when moving from the shore to the city, they currently reside across two neighboring apartments with their two dogs.