Kadeidra Dews

Sales Support Specialist

With all of us here at Compulse looking to grow in the digital world, we can only reach as far as our ability to communicate with each other and our peers. It’s the largest driving force in our team, for it’s how we share ideas, learn to improve our skills, and offer support to our consumers when they reach out to us. Thankfully, we have assembled a crew of people to extend a hand to those working in the auto sales realm who need it. With Kadeidra Dews on our side as our sales support specialist, we can assure you that any client concerns can be answered with confidence and compassion.

After obtaining her master’s degree in communications from Southern New Hampshire University, Kadeidra almost immediately began looking for opportunities in the digital field. She considers herself a novice of this world and is always seeking ways to learn more about different modes and facets of communication. That enthusiasm and vivacious quality can be sensed with every client interaction. It’s also quite noticeable when she speaks to her colleagues around the office, making us thrilled to have another friendly ally and excited to see what she can accomplish here at Compulse.

Fun fact: Every day at around 4 p.m., Kadeidra pops a bag of popcorn, tricking the office into thinking they’re at a movie theater.