Jonathan Care

Web Designer

Is your company in need of a digital facelift? Jon Care can help with that. As one of the original members of Compulse, Jon has extensive knowledge and experience with many of the design services we offer. From custom websites to email marketing to online contests, he can help to make your business, regardless of its size, a success.

Jon is proud of the work he does at Compulse because of the impact it can have on our clients. He believes that other agencies overlook certain businesses, whereas Compulse values everyone that we work with and aims to provide them with high-quality service at an affordable price.

The digital world is always changing, and Jon is excited to change with it. Rather than viewing this ever-evolving industry as a challenge, he thinks of it as an opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.

Fun Fact: Jon loves anything and everything related to Star Wars (yes, even the prequels). He has read dozens, if not hundreds, of novels related to the series. He even has a couple of Star Wars tattoos.