Joe Mann

Senior Search Analyst

Paint yourself this little nightmare: You’re an entrepreneur who recently opened a small business. Your free time is consumed with self-marketing and advertising, but that isn’t exactly doing the trick. You’ve even built a new website in the hopes that it will create some more buzz, but the site winds up getting completely lost in the Google shuffle. What can you possibly do?

Enter Joe Mann.

Joe is our senior search analyst, and as such he helps clients find different ways for their online presence to succeed. While most business owners are experts in the fields they work, some don’t quite understand the customer’s perspective. Fortunately, Joe has years of experience focusing on the mind of the customer, which makes him an invaluable resource for those who wish to “win” different search topics on Google and other search engines.

In addition to his familiarity with customer relations, Joe has helped a large, well-known non-profit organization build their internet fundraising from the ground up. In doing so, Joe acted as an in-house manager, a purchaser, and even as a recruiter. That being said, his vast range of experience has always been rooted in digital. When talking to our customers, Joe simplifies what they need to do in a way that gives them a sort of “lightbulb” moment. He provides the clientele with everything they need to know from an SEO perspective to be the best they can possibly be.

Fun fact: Joe’s verbatim: “I have three nipples – ha ha! No, actually I am an irreverent jokester.”