Holly Carter

Front End Developer

Building the right website for a client is important. When someone pays Compulse to give their company an online presence, they’re not just looking for a site that looks flashy, but one that actually works. This is what Holly specializes in.

Holly takes the beautiful sites our web designers build and turns them into functional web pages by using various coding languages and CMS. Her experience in an agency environment helps ease the transition from design to development during the web-build process, too, for her collaborative efforts with both the designers and project managers are second to none.

As much as she enjoys developing, Holly is equally fond of watching and helping other developers improve; in fact, her proudest professional moment thus far was when she worked as a tutor and assisted a student struggling with JavaScript. This type of mentality, coupled with her hard-working demeanor, makes Holly an irreplaceable member of the Compulse team.

Fun fact: Holly loves dressing up for comic conventions. Her love for these events is so deep that she’s gone to dramatic lengths to ensure her costume is the best, including: growing her hair out for two years despite the fact that she hated it, dying it black and white, and even shaving it all off entirely.