Heylee Kahan

Agency Account Manager

They say that awareness, adaptability and particular attention to detail are three traits that make for a fantastic employee. For some, channeling these important skills can make for a real challenge. For others, like Heylee, the ability to consistently adapt and produce excellent work is simply part of who they are. The fact that she encompasses so many of these desirable qualities is just one of the many reasons why she is a revered employee here at Compulse Integrated Marketing.

As our team’s agency account manager, Heylee works directly with a set group of clients to ensure they remain happy with the products and services we sell. She, in short, is one of the primary reasons why we’re able to maintain such great working relationships with all of our clients.

Heylee’s success as an advertising and journalism major at the University of Oregon made her entirely aware of all the digital world has to offer. Prior to finding Compulse in 2016, Heylee spent five years working for multiple agencies in the digital realm. It didn’t take long for her to realize that this was where she was meant to thrive, and thrive she sure has. With her proficient work ethic and charming personality, we are extremely fortunate to have Heylee serving as our agency account manager.

Fun fact: Heylee considers herself to be a shopaholic, so you just might find her raiding the local mall when she’s not in the office!