Eric Baum

Web Designer

The digital world is like no other. It is an ever-changing landscape filled with various opportunities to learn and create. In short, it’s Legos for adults.

This, perhaps, is one of the many reasons why Eric was so drawn to pursuing a career in the world of web. For the past four years, he has been avidly working towards bettering his web development skills, working with some of the most amazing mentors in the field. So, how has he been able to become so successful in such a short amount of time? In large part, Eric’s success is tied to his ability to interact with a wide variety of clients, his sense of urgency, and his keen eye for detail.

In his time with our company, Eric has proven a valuable asset to our team, and we’re looking forward to watching him progress as a member of the Compulse family!

Fun fact: Eric believes he has a deceptive look; some people may assume him to be angry and distant, but in reality, he’s quite funny (and, in his words, “I guess I look funny, too!”).