Eddie Imparato

UI/UX Design Manager

With over a decade of experience in the digital marketing industry, Eddie is constantly radiating a plethora of knowledge that our agency designers love to soak in.

Whether working as a freelancer or in an office setting, Eddie’s lifelong passion is and has always been digital design. That passion, coupled with his extraordinary communication skills and ever-growing knowledge of the web, design, and user experience design, has allowed him to flourish in something he’s always wanted to do.

Before joining the Compulse Integrated Marketing team, Eddie most recently spent time working as the senior designer with Jellyfish Online Marketing, where he led projects for major businesses such as Samsung, Carfax, and Lowes. Both his understanding of marketing and dedication to continually produce astonishing work have made him a go-to resource for all things digital.

At the end of the day, Eddie’s goal is to help create a world where every business can digitally reach its target audience in a compelling and effective way. The fact that he gets to do that by focusing on something he loves is simply the icing on the cake.

Fun fact: Despite his desire to perfect his day-to-day craft, he’s quite the outdoors enthusiast. Some of his favorite ways to spend time away from the computer are by fishing from his kayak, camping with friends or going on a hike.