Dzhamil Aliyev

Digital Traffic Coordinator

Everyone likes to plan for the future; it’s how we survive. And it is the people who can keep an open mind to growing trends that make that happen. Here at Compulse, we value that ability, and one who embodies that ideal is Dzhamil (Ja-meel). He sees where the world is heading, and that was where he decided to be.

Before he came to Compulse as a digital search specialist, Dzhamil honed his interpersonal and communication skills at a dealership. He enjoys meeting new people in his work day so he can help them focus on what they want, and he finds the best ways to get them there. He is an easy going, hard work guy who believes in putting the client’s happiness first.

Dzhamil spends his days sorting out the tickets for all the people he gets to meet. First, he works with the clients to answer all their questions on the creative, the processes, and even on how to create a ticket to start. Clarity is vital for this task, and Dzhamil’s dedicated attitude is perfect. Next, he helps us coordinate with the station/client to the vendors.

Fun fact: Even though Dzhamil is a flawless communicator in English, he also speaks Russian!