Don Twine

Senior Digital Graphic Designer

Experience is the key when it comes to Don Twine. Don serves as the senior digital graphic designer for the creative services team – and he’s been with the company for nearly five years. While that might sound like a long time, he’s actually been designing professionally for nearly two decades. In fact, he was drawn to design in the 1980s when the idea of designing on a computer was just beginning to become a reality.

Don professionally jumped into digital UX and advertising immediately after college, a decision that has since provided him with the opportunity to work through many different creative platforms. Over time, his designs have been featured on billboards, in-store retail materials, and all over the web. This seasoned experience makes Don a literal jack-of-all-trades, something we find extremely important and valuable in our business. He’s a fantastic employee with a great attitude and demeanor, and we look forward to seeing what he does over the next many years at Compulse!

Fun fact: Don began playing rugby at 41 years old, and he did it with no sports background or experience. Even though it is quite possibly the most challenging thing he’s done in his adult life, he wouldn’t trade it for anything – since starting, he’s lost over 20 pounds, and the numbers on the scale just keep dropping!